Why You Should Service Your Air Con Regularly

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Our Air Conditioning Service and Repair Capabilities

Our expertise have allowed us to cover and
solve a range of air conditioning problems including:

  • Compressor failure
  • Fan issues
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Electric Control Failure
  • Sensor problems
  • Drainage problems
  • Filter changes
  • Capacitator malfunctions
  • Evaporator coils


Types of Air conditioners we repair and service

Evaporative Air conditioning

Energy efficient, resilient & 100% filtered fresh air. Evaporative Air conditioners use the power of evaporation to facilitate clean and cool air in your property at a lowered energy cost

Ducted air conditioning 

Installed internally and hidden in the roof of a property. Ducted Air conditioning systems connect through a network of ducts.  Giving users full control over heating and cooling of throughout their entire property.

Split System Air conditioning 

Most commonly seen in smaller houses & spaces. Split systems are flexible and affordable aircon systems that can change the temperature of your space quickly and effectively without concern about expended energy usage.

Commercial Air conditioners

With diverse heating and cooling capacities to suit every commercial space, commercial aircon systems are flexible in their setups and layouts to provide full comfort and relaxation.

How often should I get my air conditioner serviced?

With most air conditioning units or systems, servicing depends on the brand and model. While it is normally recommended to service your air con systems annually, it also depends on the type of system you have in place.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Usually recommended to have annual checks on the cooling systems to ensure maximum efficiency. However, a service every 2-3 years is required to maintain smooth operation of your air conditioning unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Usually recommended to get it serviced by a qualified professional regularly once a year to maintain performance and efficiency. If there is an immediate problem, get it fixed immediately. Delaying repairs can cause harm to your ducted air con, your finances and the wellbeing of your family and home.

Split Air Conditioning

Depending on the brand, model and age of your split system, it is normally recommended to service your split system units every year to maintain performance and save unwarranted costs.

Commercial Air Conditioners

To accommodate for the constant use of air cons in a commercial space, it is recommended to service your commercial air con system quarterly.

How can I tell if my air conditioner needs repair or service

1. Warm Air

If you feel warm air coming out of your air con when it shouldn’t be, it could be a strong sign that your air con’s compressor has compressor has failed. This could potentially result in critical damage to your air con unit resulting in a full replacement if it is not serviced in time.

2. Bad Smells

If you are experiencing unpleasant odours coming from your air conditioning system, it could be your wire insulation has been damaged or mold festering inside your unit which should be attended to promptly. Fortunately, we can help perform a quick diagnostic on your system to help identify theses issue and provide you a swift, efficient solution.

3. Water Leakage

Should you find any excess water pooling around your air con unit, it is an important indication that your cooling system is having some issues. This should be resolved immediately as the leaks can accumulate and cause structural damage to your property..

4. Unusual Sounds

While it is common to hear low-level noises when you start up and shut down your air con system, hearing sudden, loud and grinding noises is a sign that your components of your unit are malfunctioning. It is important to get this serviced quickly as prolonging it may result in a breakdown causing you extra finances to replace it.

Is there anything I can do to keep my air conditioner in good working order between servicing?

Before your next air conditioning service, you can perform some DIY maintenance regularly to help keep your air con unit working at top condition.

Here are some maintenance tips:

1. Remove Debris – You can remove debris stuck inside your air con unit by removing the fan cage. This can be done by vacuum or by hand to clear any debris from the interior.


2. Clean the coil Fins – You can remove the outer covers and use a strong vacuum with a brush attachment to remove external dirt stuck. You can also choose to use a hose to gently spray the fins to remove dirt.


3. Clear the Area – Another suggest tip is clear the surrounding area near your air con unit. This helps improve the air flow through your unit. You can cover the top of the unit with a hard cover to stop debris from falling in. Though it is important to note not to cover the entire unit to avoid moisture build up and pest festering inside.


4. Clean air conditioner coil – You can choose to clean your evaporator coil by finding the coil and use a soft brush to clear the brush and spray the coil with a no-rinse coil cleaner. When the spray foams up and drips onto the drip pan, clean it up with some soap, hot water and bleach.


5. Change the air con filters – To ensure efficiency of your air con, it is important to regularly replace or clean its filters. If your area is relatively dustier than normal, you may want to look to change it more often. Having a dirty filter can lead to clogging and blockage of air flow which forces your air con to use more energy. Resulting in higher energy consumption and strain on your system.

How can I minimise my running costs

Everyone is looking to save costs where they can. That’s why we offer you some quick tips to help keep your running costs low.

1. Shut Windows and Doors – When you turn on your air conditioning unit, make sure to shut any doors and windows to avoid escaping air and wastage of power.

2. Reduce extra heat emissions – Take note to turn off any lights and switches in unused areas of your property to reduce the heat being generated inside. This can lower the effort required by your air con to keep your area cool.

3. Be Smart of your usage – If you want to optimise your running costs, why not use your system from time to time or at certain periods of the day? Having a reduced usage of your air con during the day (e.g. turning it off during cool nights) can save you quite a bit on cost.

4. Keep it Clean – Remember to regularly perform a DIY maintenance of your air conditioning unit to help keep it functioning at its best without the extra strain that cause it to expend more energy.

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